So you'd like to stop smoking?


First of all I only work with people who are serious so if you're thinking about 'giving it a go', then please give it a go somewhere else. I also get asked a few silly questions, the main one below. That usually means they haven't thought it through at all and need to think a bit more before making an appointment.

If you have to ask the following then you're not ready..

"How much is it going to cost me..?" Ok, some people are used to thinking that way, and can't see the wood for the trees, but put a few numbers into the calculator below to see what it's going to cost you to NOT stop..


Age started
Smoke per day
Cost per packet of 20   
Life expectancy67
Yearly cost£3833
Lifetime cost £181086
Years of Life lost 16
For a trial period I'm running a No upfront fee service. That means you pay me after a couple of weeks smoke free. Usually that amount is equivalent to what you would have spent. That means you're not forking out any more money than you would in your daily smoking habit, and that's only for 2 weeks worth, after that the saving is all yours. Bear in mind though that people who choose to pay on the day (the majority) have a higher success rate. You'll know you're not a smoker when the session is over.


That's the amount the calculator worked out for you above. You'll save that amount every year for the rest of your life, unless you decide to start again, and lets face it, even if you were to start again every few months, you'd still be quids in even if you had to redo & pay me again every time.


Losing something?

People talk about “giving up”. This implies that you’re losing something. Lets ditch the notiion that cigarettes "Are your friend", as I've heard it said many times. If you like friends that rob you blind while destroying the gift of life you were given and also and killing you before your time then smoking will fit with your requirements. For me personally I prefer friends that feel good to be around..
Remember that you “gave up” good health when you decided to start. Which is the bigger loss? The main reason most of us start is to be slightly rebellious when younger. Trouble is unlike other childish things, like carrying round a balloon on a string, we don't seem to grow out of it, why is that? Because the marketing sharks are wise to this so help us to believe that nicotine is some kind of drug and that we need it.. And who the hell are we being rebellious against in our 20's, 30's 40's, 50's, and as long as we can stay alive after that..?



It’s a habit

First of all your smoking habit is just that. You may have heard a million times that nicotine is addictive but that’s a myth that’s been perpetrated mainly for profit, it’s a habit which like any habit has been installed into your subconscious by repetition & like any habit it can be broken. Any feelings of stress relief you feel or sometimes even a 'high', are just your own body endorphins kicking in to counteract the poison. You’re not a nicotine addict because the real nature of addiction is that withdrawal symptoms are worst when the concentration of a drug in your body falls to its lowest level. If nicotine were a drug then this would be after a nights sleep, and while heroin users usually have to have some first thing in the morning, sometimes before getting out of bed, a smoker can usually get up, have a shower, make breakfast, have a cup of tea and then light up.. You’ll have your own experience of this to draw on so yours may be different, but it’s an average behaviour.


So there's the con. Not only are we paying to poison ourselves, but any perceived benefit we may think we're getting is just down to our own bodily chemical systems producing some stuff to offset the otherwise ill feelings that the pesticide (nicotine) and the carbon monoxide (to name but two of the 400 odd main poisons) are giving us.



So for the few that are left at this point:

So if you're ready, and only if you think you can live without spending a huge chunk of your income on burning shrubbery, while setting an example to young'uns that could see them taking up the habit & dying young, making your hair & clothes stink, breathing foul odours over people you converse with, & making the rich richer so they can live in luxury while your family has to live frugally because you're setting fire to money that could be used on amazing holidays, vehicles, great food or education for your kids, all the time while shortening your own life substantially and affecting the health of those around you.. Then and only then make an appointment to see me because I don't want to waste your time or mine otherwise. Bell me if you think you're up to it. It'll be a challenging session, sometimes for me as well, but you'll enjoy it, find it fascinating as it's interactive, and as everyone is different you'll have your own unique story of how it went to tell your friends. Most of all you'll be amazed that you'll come out with hardly a thought or temptation to ever smoke again. Dave: 07960 510889