A selection of real letters & emails from satisfied clients. Name's have been changed in some cases to protect privacy unless permission was given to use actual ones.




"I made the decision yet again to free myself from the shackles of nicotine addiction, but this time I was going to succeed.  I knew from past experience that patches, gum, sprays and will power just didn't get me the results I wanted.  I had heard about hypnosis for smoking cessation over the years and had nothing to lose, other than my filthy habit.  I had one session with Dave and have been a non smoker since,  this has been the easiest and most pleasant way to overcome my addiction, with no withdrawal symptoms, cravings or irritability.  I feel calmer, happier and healthier.  Thank you Dave "Cheryl' Sheffield


Mild anxiety


"Since coming to see Dave I feel that I can interact with people more, I used to get really uptight about people when they got angry but now I find that it doesn’t really matter how I feel about them, I’m just chilled out instede of getting wound up. People have also come up to me & said ‘you look happy’ a lot where it didnt happen often before. 'Anne', Sheffield


Substance abuse, depression.


I was in a bit of a dark place. I was a recovering heroin user with a liking for most substances I could get my hands on, and booze. I'd made a lot of progress through my own effort but my life seemed to be a bit dead-end & I wasn't sure how to get past this place, and feeling low as well with little self-worth. When I got to know Dave and he suggested trying hypnosis I thought I had nothing to lose so I did. We talked about several sessions to get some results but after the first one I felt like I could start to make sense of where my life had been going. A little bit later things started falling into place & I've even seriously cut down on my alcohol intake. I've not been for any more hypnosis after that 1st go, and just that one seems to have opened things up for me & I feel like I can stand on my own feet now & start to take some responsibility. 'John' Sheffield


Weight loss


Hypnosis for weight loss is excellent as it makes you analyse your relationship with food, your eating habits, your strengths and weaknesses.  After the sessions which are personalised a daily listening to a relaxation tape completes the course.  The tape is personally for you and your needs.  The long term effectiveness of the "hypnoslimming" plan is good because unlike a diet there is no denial of certain foods, there is no rush of weight increase when you stop the plan because the course is all about behaviours not calories.  Weekly measuring is proof that the system works.  Dave also followed up the sessions with emails asking how I was doing and forwarding interesting articles on latest research into certain foods, additives and exercise. 'Marilyn' Sheffield.